Wind is a variable that can be toggled on or off in a game lobby.

Wind can influence the direction of a shell from 15 left to 15 right in this format:

<15 <14 <13 <12 <11 <10 <9 <8 <7 <6 <5 <4 <3 <2 <1 0 1> 2> 3> 4> 5> 6> 7> 8> 9> 10> 11> 12> 13> 14> 15>

Depending on the shot, weapon effectiveness is decreased. Common weapons that are noticeably affected are Crazyballs, Sniper, Grenade, Fountain, Three-Ball, Breaker, Air Strike, and most notably Digger. Diggers are not useful if there is wind, as the shot can move into other directions and potentially miss the target entirely after the first hit. Previously mentioned weapons may also have this effect. Shots must be carefully timed when using these weapons in wind.

An experience bonus is applied after battle as a reward for playing with wind.

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