Three-Ball is a weapon very Similar to Shot, with the same damage (10 points) but shooting 3 balls at the same time with a greater impact on the terrain.


The upgrade of 3-Ball, 5-Ball

Upgrades Edit

Five-Ball, Eleven-Ball and Twenty Five-BallEdit

Each one of them are doing the same thing as Three-Ball, but with 5, 11 and 25 balls at the same time respectively. The more balls there are, the less damage done per ball. Each level has greater potential to change the terrain.

Upsides and Downsides Edit

Three-Ball is efficient at hitting several enemies at a time. Well used, can put an enemy in a hole. Accuracy requires precision firing, especially at long range. However, at close range, with low power and firing at an angle of about 45 degrees, it can carve a pretty decent hole into the terrain.

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