Horizon is a shot which is colored white. Upon hitting the target it explodes in 9 shots horizontally, ranging from the colors of a typical horizon (red and yellow).

Damage: 10 Damage each hit.

Total Possible Damage*: 40

Does Team Damage: Yes

*Assuming there are no critical hits, and you hit just one player


1.) Sweeper:

Sweeper is a shot which has a symbol on it and is colored blue. Upon hitting the target it breaks into two white parts, which "sweeps" the ground horizontally, going through walls.

Damage: 30 Damage each "sweep"

Total Possible Damage: 60

Does Team Damage: No


-Sweeper will not do damage directly where it hits.

-Sweeper will sweep the ground through walls, meaning if you find terrain which is horizontally placed to the target, it will still hit.

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